Jeremy Nathan Tisser is a multi-talented, award-winning composer, who has bolstered many projects across film, television, and video games. Most recently, he spent a year and a half creating the complex and varied score for Survios’ highly anticipated VR game Raw Data. The acclaimed game, now officially released, continues to win loyal followers and break records, including becoming the first VR game to break one million sales in a single month while it was only in Early Access.

In order to score the immersive, sci-fi adventure, Jeremy drew on a wide array of musical experiences that have honed his skill and approach. The result is music that amplifies the intensity of the game and contributes to the emotional experience of the engrossed player. The complex soundscape exudes channel classical orchestral techniques, as well as industrial percussions, and heavy metal guitar riffs. For one of the most memorable levels, Jeremy infused a uniquely spiritual mixture of didgeridoos, throat singing, and a traditional Maori-inspired Haka. This was Jeremy’s third collaboration with the game’s creators; he not only created the music for their first, highly-popular game, Zombies on the Holodeck, but even composed music for the creator’s senior VR master thesis. The complex soundscape exudes channel classical orchestral techniques, as well as industrial percussions, and heavy metal guitar riffs.

Previously, Jeremy also provided music for the independent comedy, Actor for Hire, for which he orchestrated a jazz quartet to create organic-sounding riffs that matched the chaotic, metropolitan focus of the film. Jeremy also created the music for the short film Valiant starring Gil Darnell (Bones, Reign) and Navid Negahban (Homeland), which earned him multiple awards at the international film festival circuit. Previously, Jeremy has contributed to the musical production of a wide array of projects, including Pixar in Concert and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. He also had a minor on-screen role in La La Land, as a drummer in the famous highway musical number.

Much of Jeremy’s skill and intuition comes from his time spent under the mentorship of acclaimed, six-time Emmy winner Mark Watters. The pair shared a Hollywood Music in Media (HMMA) award win for their work on the theme for KLCS’ popular series, Composers on Composing.

Jeremy resides in Los Angeles with his wife. When not making music, he’s steadily honing his skills in four separate styles of martial arts.


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  • Best Soundtrack – Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival – “Valiant”

  • Hollywood Music in Media Awards – Best Mobile Game Song/Score Nomination –
    “Epic Cat Runner” (winner to be announced November 2015)

  • Hollywood Music in Media Awards – Best Song/Score Special Feature Nomination – “Composers On Composing” (winner to be announced November 2015)

  • Best Music – Laugh or Die Film Festival – “Actor For Hire”

Awards & Accolades

  • Global Music Awards – Silver Medal – Film Score – “Tell Me About It, Wendy”

  • Global Music Awards – Bronze Medal – Composition – “March of the Reckoning” (from the short film Valiant)

  • Global Music Awards – Silver Medal – Composition – “Voodoo”


  • Hollywood Music In Media Awards – Best Mobile Game Song/Score Winner – “Tricklab”

  • Global Music Awards – Bronze Medal – Video Game Score – “Tricklab”

  • Hollywood Music In Media Awards – Best Mobile Game Song/Score Nomination – “ZombieSC” 

  • Global Music Awards – Silver Medal – Composition – “ZombieSC”


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