It has been a busy few months for Jeremy! Back in November, he won his second Hollywood Music in Media award for “Best Song/Score – Special Feature” for his main theme to KLCS’ hit show “Composers on Composing”.  Jeremy then went on to receive his 6th Global Music Award, this time for best TV Main Title for the same series! Congratulations, Jeremy and Mark!

And now… something new…

Jeremy is proud to announce that he is the composer for the new virtual reality first person shooter game “Raw Data”! Raw Data is the official premier game for virtual reality veteran company Survios. Jeremy has been working with Survios for the past 4 years, dating back to their time at USC when they were known as “Project Holodeck”. The game was officially revealed at the VR-LA Winter Expo on January 23rd at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and will be released commercially in 2016! Survios hosted the official VRLA Expo Afterparty, where people could line up to play the demo of “Raw Data”. The event was livestreamed online, and the livestream was viewed 41,000 times in 2 hours.

Below is gameplay footage of the official “Raw Data” VR demo. If you listen carefully, you might just hear some of Jeremy’s latest science fiction score!

Stay tune for more information on the game’s release, as well as the upcoming projects Jeremy has and can’t wait to announce! Cheers!