Three Skeleton Key

Based on the classic short story by George G. Toudouze and set in 1921, the film focuses on an American lighthouse crew working thirty miles offshore from the U.S. mainland on the small island of Three Skeleton Key. Andre Rolle, an African American lighthouse assistant, notices a ship heading towards the dangerous reefs surrounding the lighthouse. Realizing that it will wreck, Andre wrings the fog bell, alerting Beal and Roberts. As Roberts and Andre leave the lighthouse to investigate, Beal views the deck of the ship with his binoculars. He realizes that there is something on board, and it’s not human…

For Three Skeleton Key, Jeremy recorded a 9 piece choir with members of SAG-AFTRA at The Bridge Recording in Glendale, CA. For this particular film, Jeremy pushed the boundaries of traditional scoring by recording the choir standing in different parts of the room, to create a fully immersive 360 degree choir. This was a feat designed to surround and engulf the audience, building intensity all around the theater.

Here is a behind the scenes sneak peak at Jeremy recording the choir:

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