Awake In My Sleep

Awake in my Sleep is a story of Liam Spencer, a young man with sleep disorder. When he downloads an app to track his sleeping patterns and any audio during the night, he discovers the voice of his inner demon. In this film riddled with paranoia and mayhem, Liam faces a gripping nightmare with an app that knows his past, his secrets and will stop at nothing till it destroys him. The twisted plot of this psychological short thriller posits two simultaneous possibilities – a secret experiment where phones are transmitting electromagnetic radio waves that alter brainwaves and disrupt human behavior…

…or does the terror come down to a dark persona hidden deep inside the subconscious mind?

Jeremy had the distinct privilege of orchestrating for and conducting a 24 piece orchestra featuring Los Angeles’ finest musicians from the American Federation of Musicians, Local 47. The ensemble consisted of 4 violas, 6 cellos, 1 bass, 4 clarinets, 5 brass, 2 percussionists, harp and piano. Everything was recorded live in one room together, with no additional samples or sweetening. Here’s a behind the scenes preview of Jeremy conducting the Prologue, followed by selections of the score:


Bloody Mary’s, Anyone?

Wake Up, Liam!

Kill Them All and Finale

Its Not Your Fault

Awake In My Sleep End Credits

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