Wow!! I’m so excited to announce a big feature on me from one of the world’s leading VR publications, VRScout! I got front page coverage, and they even gave my soundtrack a glowing review!! I’m a big fan of VR Scout, so it is an absolute privilege to receive this feature. 🙂

“…However Tisser’s most exciting work lately has been his efforts in music production for VR. The artist has lent his talents to the popular VR shooter Raw Data with a compelling soundtrack that touches every genre imaginable. Whether it be rock, techno, New Zealand Hakka, throat singing–no type of sound is off limits in this incredible musical journey that changes with each level you traverse.

So if you’re a fan of incredibly diverse musical compositions that take you through a roller coaster of intense emotions, then this is exactly the soundtrack for you.”   -Kyle Melnick (VRScout)

Click the picture below to read the article! Enjoy!!